About Us

Bob Martinez – Executive Producer

Bob Martinez’s father returned from service in World War Two and moved his family from rural New Mexico to Albuquerque. Even though the family had moved to the “big city" they took with them the values that had been instilled in the family for generations. There was no question in Bob’s mind that he, like his father and uncles, would also serve in the military. One of Bob’s best friends from high school served in Vietnam and gave his life there – something that Bob thinks about even to this day. Another friend that had gone to West Point convinced him to become an officer. After receiving his Masters in Economics from New Mexico State he entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. Near the end of his active duty, Bob served a year in Vietnam with the 4th PsyOps Group.

Calvin Crane – Director

Feeling a sense of duty to his country, Calvin left Michigan State in 1966 and enlisted in the Army. He served in Vietnam as a photographer for the Army and a photojournalist for the U.S. Information Agency. Armed with little-known facts about the Vietnam War, Series I of The Long Way Home Project is now complete. “The War is not over,” says Crane. “Vietnam veterans must remember that they showed the country what they were made of once…but that responsibility continues. It is imperative for young people today and future generations to know the truth about why we served so that they will want to defend our freedoms in the years to come.”

Christel Crane – Producer

Christel Crane shares, with her husband, a deep empathy for veterans and children of veterans of all wars, but especially the Vietnam War. Both Cranes chafed at the misconceptions America has about the men that served their country in that difficult conflict. The Cranes decided that it was time to act. They loaded up their equipment and three young children and took to the road. Along their journey, they came to Denver where they met Bob Martinez. The documentary film The Long Way Home – Men Versus the Myth is the result of their 13,000-mile journey. The Cranes have been featured in print, on television, and have been guests on national talk-radio.