The Documentary

Awarded the prestigious Golden Jury Selection at the Houston International Film Festival, this four part documentary series gives an accurate depiction of the war in Vietnam from those that served during that tumultuous time in our nation’s history.

Part I: Men Versus Myth

Introduced by General Norman Schwarzkopf, ¬† Brings a unique perspective from the veterans themselves. What they have to say will turn upside down everything you’ve seen in the movies and heard from the media.

Part II: How We Won the War

Provocative and startling; the untold story of the war. Brings dramatic new information and exclusive insight from leaders of this critical period in history.

Part III: How We Lost the War

The lessons of the war from those that know it best.  Includes powerful commentary from experts of the era; Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger; noted historian Dr. Lewis Sorley; Bill Le Gro- Chief of US Intelligence in Vietnam; and many others.

Part IV: The New Diaspora

Conveys the harrowing escapes from the Communist regime. Horrors of the “re-education" camps. Insight into the long history of the Vietnamese people and their inspirational struggles to reach freedom.